Tongues in Trees
I'm Katie. I'm 20, white, cis, fat, and queer, and am currently in my hometown, Baltimore.

Here I will have pretty pictures, things related to Disney, HP, Doctor Who, super heroes, other fandoms, geek culture, literature, feminism, cats, and everything else I love!

I also make/reblog a lot of anti-oppression posts. Fair Warning: Some times I get mad at bigotry and I am not super nice. If you're not into that, it's ok, but I'm probably not the blog for you. I also post some personal posts about me. If that's not your thing, you might also not wanna follow.

Please read this before you message me about sexual violence:

Other Blogs I Run:

You know why saying, “I hate straight people,” isn’t the same thing as saying, “I hate queer people?”

Because no one who says they hate straight people is trying to legally take away the rights of straight people.

Because no straight youth end up homeless just because of someone hating their sexual orientation.

Because no straight person has been murdered for being straight by someone who says, “I hate straight people.” But queer people are routinely murdered by people who say, “I hate queer people” (and this has been and continues to be in some places, the legally mandated response to learning someone is queer).

Because when queer people say they hate straight people, they’re often saying they hate the people who have abused, assaulted, bullied, and harassed them. But when straight people say they hate queer people, they’re saying they think queer people deserve to be abused, assaulted, bullied, and harassed.

Because oppressed folks expressing their anger and exhaustion at dealing with their oppressors is not the same thing as oppressors expressing their hatred of those they oppress.

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